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Reimagine your tweets!

Serving your Twitter Timeline the way you want it!

March 28th - Due to the deprecation of the Twitter v1 API we were forced to find a custom solution for our clients who have grown to like custom Twitter Feeds. In comes "telex", a robust, ambitious service that aims for just that. We are currently looking into how this service can be brought to all of you! Please subscribe to our list, to let us know that you're interested.

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The situation

the situation

The features



format your own TimeLine output template



get tweets almost real time (15min lag)


easy setup

like taking candy from a baby



take control; manage your own timeline template, settings and access!


it just works

you don't need to worry about OAuth, Rate Limits or Infrastructure


Telex is a service that brings back your custom timeline on your own website without the hassle! Load your twitter feed with javascript, the way it's meant to be! Subscribe to our list if you are interested, and we will notify you when we are ready. We want you to enjoy working with feeds and we want to provide custom experiences for you and your clients!

For who?

Everybody (designer, developer, weightlifter, ...) who wants a nice and custom experience on his/her website!

keywords: javascript, custom, twitter, timeline, api, fast, easy, fun

Enough talk, let's see it!

Surprise! It... just... works! Want proof? Take a look at our clients' websites:

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